Rob & Kate Joseph [Co-Founders]

...moved to Kansas City in 2012 to expand the veterinary pharmaceutical company (Parnell) they had founded in Australia.  When Rob retired from Parnell in 2017, after three weeks Kate said Rob needed a hobby or a new job, so he bought Sasha's Baking Company and set about developing the concept BANKSIA that you see today.  They both have a deep love for food and have spent the last 20 years traveling, often flying half-way around the world to try a new restaurant.  They have instilled their gastronomic passion in their three girls who often come to the bakery to cook. In fact, Meg (their eldest) cooks the ANZAC cookies we sell in the cafes!

"One thing you can be sure of,  Aussies don't take themselves too seriously and we hope our laid back lifestyle shines through in our cafes. Australia also has a fantastically diverse food scene and we are excited to bring that fusion of cuisines from all the places we have traveled to our new friends in Kansas City."  Robert Joseph; Founder


Erika Vikor [Co-Founder]

...was instrumental in helping Rob build a successful veterinary pharmaceutical company (Parnell), which they brought to Kansas City in 2012, so when Rob talked about bringing a little piece of Australia to the Midwest and launch BANKSIA, she was all in!  Erika has a passion for food, fun and a bit of wine on the side, but more importantly her creative flair and business acumen means there is a pretty obvious maxim at BANKSIA... "do you want to speak to the man (who thinks he's) in charge, or the woman who knows what's going on!"  As a proud Aussie, Erika has brought many of our quintessentially Australian items to our menu and nothing goes on your plate without the chief taste-tester giving it the Aussie thumbs up!